BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling, Building Information Model, or Building Information Management.

The abbreviation BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. BIM is defined both as a process of structuring, creation, production, exchange, integration, analysis, management, visualization and exploitation of data. It is not only a question of modeling a space in its smallest details, but mainly of managing and facilitating its maintenance over time through the integration of information into the 3D model.

BIM is not limited to buildings alone; it concerns all construction works, including civil engineering, public works, and all infrastructure and networks. It is not limited to the act of building either, but concerns the entire life cycle of a structure, from programming and sketches to its deconstruction and the reuse, recycling or energy recovery of end-of-life components. We then define a series of parameters linked to all the system elements making up a building, contained in the 3D model, to prepare space management plans over time.