SOQUIJ – Société québécoise d’information juridique

Development of new unassigned workspaces for the Société québécoise d’information juridique.


Our collaboration with the Société québécoise d’information juridique began in 2018 with the creation of pilot projects. The advent of Covid-19 has also propelled reflections in the studies that followed in order to develop the typologies required in their future unassigned workspace.



We took care of the entire process, from schematic design to site supervision, to create a modern, innovative and functional workspace that meets their needs while reflecting their brand image.

We’ve designed a space with a uniform treatment, providing greater flexibility for future area reorganizations. We also created a silence area specifically designed to meet the needs of lawyers, providing a quiet work environment, supporting better concentration when performing complex tasks.

Light materials and neutral tones were chosen to create a fresh and contemporary atmosphere. In order to energize the space, we incorporated the geometric shapes present in their branding. Collaborative spaces also incorporate the colours of their branding to represent the variety services offered by SOQUIJ.