The investment division of CN (CNID) wanted to update their office space in order to support the modernization of their work practices. They contacted us following a change in corporate governance with the arrival of a new president for the division.

The main challenge in the renovation of CNID’s offices was the new president’s desire to open up the space so that the teams could better collaborate. CNID’s teams had however gotten used to working in individual closed offices because of the nature of their work and there was a lot of apprehensiveness and uncertainty in the face of what AMA was now proposing as a new standard to be adopted by all.

Transitioning from a more traditional workspace with individual closed offices to a more flexible workspace with open plan desks can generate stress for the employees and requires solid leadership in regard to change management. To this end, AMA worked hand in hand with the CNID teams and developed multiple co-design workshops where the employees actively participated in redesigning their workspace. They notably got to choose the various configurations of furniture most adapted to their individual tasks in some of the open plan areas.

For the design concept of its spaces, CNID wanted a minimalist approach with a few accent colours – blue, yellow, and the famous CN red. Biophilia plays an important role in employees’ well-being in the workplace: we took advantage of the natural luminosity of CNID’s offices to incorporate numerous plants in the design. We even designed bespoke furniture for it which allows the greenery to liven up the space while also creating visual divisions between the different work zones.