Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise

Our mandate for this vineyard located in the Cantons-de-l’Est was to create buildings with multiple vocations: winery, storage, cellar, tasting space, residential space. This project is still under construction.

The main challenge was to respond to the diverse programming of the venues while creating a consistent experience for visitors that anchors well in the architectural tradition of the Cantons-de-l’Est without, however, abandoning all notions of modernity.

To this end, we juggled with visual codes: the interiors of the vat room and cellar are very contemporary with, in particular, reflective metal surfaces and a polycarbonate walls which allows the light to enter space.

The stairs and walkways have been painted a deep burgundy and contrast with the industrial metal surfaces in space. The exterior structure of the building, recreates the style of the barns in the region, however, modernized by a judicious choice of contemporary materials and finishes.