The Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) wanted to renovate its offices in a way that respected the distinct identities of the five organizations that share the space. All five groups had specific operational needs that we had to meet while also optimizing the use of space and making it harmonious.

The initial request was for five distinct concepts (five reception areas, five kitchens, five cafeterias, etc.) but it soon became apparent to us that centralizing some services would result not only in lower overall costs, but would also allow us to create larger, more interesting zones for each team. With the client’s blessing, we decided to create a centralized cafeteria and kitchen, thus freeing up office space. The five groups wanted their zones to reflect their brand image. They also wished to reuse existing architectural elements whenever possible. Our suggestion was to standardize the interventions to certain elements such as the existing frames and doors.

Because the ACDQ was staying in the same building, the owner kindly offered them a temporary space on a different floor of the tower, where the members of the association could continue with their activities. This allowed us to renovate the permanent spaces in five phases. This swing space, which fell under our mandate, became a bit of a blessing when, upon starting the renovations, it became apparent that there was serious damage to the concrete slab. This caused delays to the initial schedule as well as additional work. By managing the budgets effectively and reusing existing materials that were still in great shape, we managed to respect the original budget regardless of the additional work required on the slab.