IQC 4.0 – Extraordinary Results

Last fall, we participated in a digital diagnostic of our company’s activities. This initiative was launched by BIM Quebec and the Quebec Institute of Construction. It is still ongoing, and you can find more information on their website.

The process consists of a series of workshops aimed at assessing the company’s level of digital advancement, positioning it in relation to the market, and ultimately preparing a two-year digital development action plan. More specifically, these workshops focused on our progress in BIM.

Since 2013, we have adopted and implemented Revit as our primary software for drawing, 3D modeling, and BIM. Through various projects, clients, and collaborators, we have been able to refine our skills and develop new tools. These workshops allowed us to revisit everything we had accomplished and develop our objectives for the future.

The results showed that we are very advanced compared to the market in which we operate. Our dedicated analysts found us to be very critical of our own progress, but we will always compare ourselves to the best. That’s what motivates us to move forward and innovate.


We will be happy to keep you informed of our progress in the coming months and years.