CAE – Limonade Terrace

In order to create truly welcoming and unique environments for their employees, CAE wanted to add outdoor green spaces. Given the density of the campus and the increased traffic around the building, in parking lots and delivery truck lanes, we suggested a rooftop terrace on one of the buildings rather than at ground level.

This choice allowed, among other things, to offer panoramic views of the departure runways at Montreal-Trudeau airport, which borders the CAE campus, while providing a safe and quiet space. The terrace is decorated with greenery and boasts a small bar, picnic tables and various seating where employees can enjoy the fresh air and soak up the sun.

As architects, we are often confronted with the various codes governing the built environment, and it is essential that we take into consideration the users’ wellbeing and safety first and foremost when developing our ideas. In order to accommodate a certain number of employees while respecting the limits prescribed by the building code for safety reasons, we custom designed the terrace according to the evacuation constraints already in place, however with the possibility to create additional space when new entry and exit points are added. The finished space meets the current needs of the company, while having the flexibility to be expanded over the long term.